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photo by Mario Covic

photo by Mario Covic

I am devoted to the power of movement as healing, empowerment, and vitality. I dance every day, and have taught yoga for the better part of two decades. I specialize in personalized. prescriptive yoga physical therapy for my clients to reach their unique goals. I also curate cutting edge creative experiences in the form of workshops, retreats, and trainings that educate participants in physical self-care and invite us to enjoy a more full expression of ourselves and the original spirit of ‘yoga’, which is beyond asana, beyond form, in the fire of the heart and the freedom of awareness. Along the way it’s likely we will play, we will laugh, we may cry, we will open, and we will dance more fluidly with the tides of life.

After years of study in many streams of the great river of yoga, I am a dedicated teacher of Prana Flow: Energetic Vinyasa, as taught by Shiva Rea and the Global Collective of Prana Flow Teachers.

play ~ vitality ~ joy

Step into this Circle of Life-Giving Practices with a playful spirit!


Yoga is about becoming intimate with our own energy, and the way we live in harmony with the flow of energy around us. I am passionate about what is shared in this video of my teacher, Shiva Rea, addressing the Speakeasy attendees at Wanderlust Squaw Valley (2011) regarding Yoga Energy Activism: how we can regenerate our energy linking our heart, body, home and ecology. Epic truth of embodying what we believe in! Enjoy!!

Live for the Earth and All Relations.


Joy ~ Play ~ Flow ~ Freedom

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