Although I can occasionally be found at work in my home hoop factory, it’s far less frequent than it was 5-7 years ago!

No need to worry, I can certainly help you get inside of your perfect hoop.

If you are looking for a custom hoop, polypro performance hoops, kids hoops, or package deals, message me and together we’ll find your best fit.

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Banyan Botanicals

Highest quality Ayurvedic products and herbs to support your healthiest lifestyle. Education and details on specific products coming soon!

Eco Hoops  by Hoop Revolution

Some of the best hoops out there are those from the amazing, the original, Hoop Revolution. I highly recommend their Eco Hoop!  I have a few myself:))  It’s the only 100% post-consumer hoop on the market today!

Core Hooping DVD  ~ by Anah ‘Hoopalicious’ Reichenbach

If you are just starting out in the hoop, this DVD is a great resource- Anah Reichenbach’s Core Foundation for Hoopdance. I lovingly refer to Anah as the godmother of modern Hoopdance, as she is one of a few who started it all. She’s also a seasoned and thorough teacher, with an emphasis on getting into the flow of the dance.

Melodia Designs ~ Tried & True, Dance & Yoga Wear

If you are in need of fun and fashionable yoga and dance wear, I can’t recommend Melodia Designs enough. Clothes that are built to move in, both in the graceful lines and flowing fabric as much as the rock-solid construction that will last you years! I have many pairs of Melodia’s pants that I’ve tested in the deepest of dance floors, and have worn and loved for years, still going as strong as day one.

I want to think again of dangerous and noble things. I want to be light and frolicsome.
I want to be improbable and beautiful and afraid of nothing as though I had wings.  
~Mary Oliver