Prana Vinyāsa™ Teacher Training

Samudra Global School of Living Yoga
Prāna Vinyāsa Flow 200//300 hour TEACHER TRAINING
& In depth study~ with Kelley Doyle & Michelle Nayeli Bouvier

For Yoga Teachers and those inspiring to deepen their understanding of yoga~
this program is an Affiliate of the Samudra Global School of Living Yoga 200//300 hour program as created by Shiva Rea ( in accordance with Yoga Alliance

200HR ~ Embodying the Flow + Mandala of Asanas~ April 2017- October 2017

April 20-23
May 11-14
June 22-25
July 21-23
September 14-17
October TBA

You will learn:
*embody and teach classical Namsakars + 4 Dancing Warrior namaskars
*embody and teach 10 sequences (5 solar + 5 lunar)
*Learn to integrate the 3 part vinyasa technique unique to Prana Vinyasa teachers
*embody the movements of Prana (prana vayus)
*energetic alignment
*hands on assists + enhancements
*embodied anatomy
*basic understanding of the Foundation of Ayurveda

Thursday 4-9 pm
Friday 4-9 pm
Saturday 6am-9pm (with breaks for nourishment)
Sunday 6am-3pm (with breaks for nourishment)

Each day will have meditation and relaxation opportunities as well as plenty of time to nourish.

200 HOUR FOUNDATION TRAINING: $2500 (before March. 1), $2700 (late registration) Plus online course & material fees.
100 HR. ELEMENTAL VINYASA + LIVING AYURVEDA: $1250 (early registration), $1500 (late registration) **info provided by request**

Payment plan arrangements available. Individual weekend sessions available for in-depth study experience.

Already 200 hour certified? Join the full 300 hour teacher training and get your 500 RYT! After this cycle you only need one Elemental module with Kelley or one qualifying module with Shiva. Inquire about special discounts for certified yoga teachers to help spread Prana Vinyasa in San Diego!

Please reach out and connect with any questions about this awesome opportunity to fully dive into the deeper exploration of embodiment, for your own study or to receive 200 hours for your certification as a yoga instructor.

“We embrace yoga as a universal path as well as traditional teachings and practices to cultivate and realize our full potential. Vinyasa is a natural sequence unfolding with creative intelligence – a conscious evolution connecting each moment with unifying breath. We explore embodying and living yoga in full spectrum – sun to moon, wild to sublime, fullness to simplicity, action and being. There is yoga for everyone.” Shiva Rea

Āvāhana School of Yoga & Expressive Healing Arts   

300HR // 500HR Program   ~    Costa Rica & California

Our 300HR Advanced Teacher Training is a unique program designed to offer you the most creative, in-depth & inspiring advanced training curriculum we know of. Divided into various 50 and 100-HR modules, you can customize a specialized curriculum to fit your personal passions and teaching focus.

We offer practical and powerful tools for skillful leadership and teaching especially relevant in today’s world, while remaining rooted and steeped in tradition. Through a variety of movement modalities, traditional wisdom, and cutting edge research, the School helps leaders cultivate greater authenticity, clarity, presence and skill in order to create lasting, positive shifts for their students- on all levels of being.

Details & Prerequisites:

You must already have completed and received a certificate from a 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training program prior to starting the 300-HR advanced program. Your 200-HR certificate can be from any school recognized by Yoga Alliance. You do not have to complete your 200-HR certification at our School to enter the 300-HR program.

In order for training hours to count towards your 500-HR Yoga Alliance certification, all 300 hours must be completed with the same School.  (This is a Yoga Alliance requirement). You have 3 years to complete the full 300-HR program.

*If you are not on the teaching/accredation path, but are looking to deepen your practice or enhance a professional healing or bodywork practice by taking an advanced training, you may be eligible to attend. Participants without a prior 200HR Teacher Training certificate DO NOT receive a certificate of credit hours towards Yoga Alliance Certification. 

Our Fabulous Faculty:

Our esteemed faculty includes world-class teachers who individually hold a wealth of knowledge, education, and experience in their respective fields. With a combined tens of thousands of hours of specific study and advanced training, all of the Āvāhana School teachers are dedicated to meeting you exactly where you are and to serving you on your unique path. I specialize in the areas of Vinyāsa, dance, and dynamic biomechanics applicable to everyday movements.


Ashleigh Sergeant – Founder, Director of Programming

Meg McCraken– Alignment, Therapeutics

Guest Teachers:

Siri Peterson – Therapeutics, Pre-Natal, Dance

Samantha Shakti Brown Yoga Therapeutics, Functional Weight Training


We recognize yoga as a state of being, not only on our mats, but in every moment and in every facet of our lives. There are infinite ways that we can access this state of connection, and by weaving together yoga and the expressive arts, we greatly expand our capacity to engage in a life of clarity, authenticity, connection, inspiration and meaning. As reflected in our diverse offering of unique trainings, we believe wholeheartedly in supporting you on your individual journey of profound transformation and integration.


Sample Modules

Krama: The Art of Sequencing for the Physical Body

Krama: The Art of Sequencing for the Subtle Body

Anatomy of the Subtle Body

Ayurveda and Nutrition

Vinyāsa and Nataraja: Dance of Devotion

Aksha and Mandala: Curvilinear Biomechanics

Contact me –below, right– for more information!

Since movement is what we do principally,
and because our design is so obviously derived from the dynamic state,
movement should be our principle study. 
~Serge Gracovetsky