Personalized, in-depth, deep or light ~ to fit your life.

Yoga is a way of life.

It happens on the mat, off the mat, and in those in-between moments of life.

Whether you are looking for personalized attention, in-depth study, continuing education for teachers, or daily practices to do from home, Michelle hopes you will find something that supports your life and path right now.

Private Yoga ~ In Person or Skype

Immersions & Trainings

Online Practices: Sustainable Yoga ~ Movement as Medicine

Stay tuned for online practices to serve specific purposes in your daily life on YouTube, as well as a coming hub for the embodied practices that will dive into the inquiry of what makes yoga and movement practice the most sustainable for life.

  • I love Michelle.  She is a master Movement Magician.  

    Do your body a favor and book her.  

    Dawn Browning Ecological Researcher & Yogini
  • I would recommend Michelle unequivocally to anybody considering a Yoga related practice regime – from the casual partitioner to those embarking on a life journey of discovery.

    John Burton President, Macnica Americas