Private & Semi-Private Sessions

Tailored to serve your personal needs, fit your lifestyle, and support mind-body health.

Michelle specializes in somatic sustainability and cultivating health in daily life. She works with clients to develop and foster movement patterns that are practical, supportive, and reduce pain.

No two people are the same. Besides our unique physical histories, habits, and goals, as understanding of anatomy grows, we see the truth of radical diversity of form and relationship within the parameters of a human body.

Michelle has helped clients relieve chronic and acute injuries, guided yoga practitioners to take their practice to the next level, and supported executives seeking relief from tension in both body and mind.


Therapeutic Yoga and Biomechanics of Movement

Michelle specializes in personalized application of yoga, movement and meditation practices to meet your needs.  Particular attention is given to identify limiting patterns, investigate mind-body relationships, and help clients establish a daily regimen which will support their goals in practical and accessible ways.

Michelle’s approach is influenced by Ayurvedic wisdom, current studies in anatomy, biomechanics, psychology, and the power of breath to cultivate resiliency in the body, mind, and nervous system.

Sessions are $150 for 75 minutes, with discounts for packages.


Thai Yoga Massage~ Rejuvenating Bodywork

Thai Yoga Massage invites the nervous system to unwind deep layers of holding, pattern, and injury and experience a deep resting state, where powerful healing occurs. Michelle is in humble and devoted service to helping others find more comfort and freedom in their somatic experience. Her background in therapeutic applications of biomechanics, as well as her personal healing journeys inform her practice.

Sessions may include Therapeutic Flying as well as supine Thai work, and typically last 90 minutes. Michelle works on a sliding scale of $95-$175 a session.


Dinacharya Consultation

Dinacharya is the collection of daily, regular habits and self-care practices that contribute to overall health, vitality and balance for the body-mind. Ayurveda teaches that health is a lifestyle and way of engaging with life, and therefore our daily routines set the stage for greater health and wellbeing.

Michelle will guide you in implementing unique routines, specific practices, and dietary recommendations to reach your goals for wellness based on Ayurvedic principles and holistic systems.

This one month program includes a 90-minute phone intake session and four 75-minute practice & progression sessions.  Investment of $650 for a lifestyle shift towards your highest and best self.

For availability and information email using icon below, right. Thank you!

  • I love Michelle.  She is a master Movement Magician.  

    Do your body a favor and book her.  

    Dawn Browning Ecological Researcher & Yogini
  • Nayeli’s energy, knowledge and careful attention to her personal craft is beyond abundant and OH SO glorious!

    My mind, body and soul buzzed with connectedness after attending her class.

    She will steer you down a playful path of self-discovery through her creative embodiment practice, yogic philosophy and authentic instruction that will leave you feeling utterly transformed, alive and inspired.

    Stephanie Walsh ESPN & Founder- Just Flow Fun