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Evolutions in Embodied Practice
for Mental, Emotional & Physical Wellbeing

Virtual Event | See you in 2025!

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Go beyond method | Change the system

It’s different than we’ve been taught.

Let’s be the change, together.

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Calling all yoga & movement lovers, practitioners & teachers...


your body+mind+heart

your authentic self + primal intelligence

with Nature - inside & out

with yoga philosophy

with the roots of embodied yoga

Embody your soul & purpose
Disrupt linear paradigms of body+mind & power
Change lives & change the world
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You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
~ Buckminster Fuller
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If you want to...

​✧ take your practice & life to the next level of integration

✧ deepen alignment of the body+mind as one

✧ unlock your deepest somatic wisdom

✧ cultivate joy, play & flow states in your practice

✧ deeply align with Nature

✧ clear nagging aches and pains that seem to never resolve

​✧ break free from mis-aligned movement cues & find personal alignment from within

✧ dismantle supremacy in all its forms (yes, really!)


If you teach, and want to…

​✧ support healing & minimize harm

✧ teach smart, creative, accessible & impactful classes

​✧ rekindle passion & purpose in your teaching

​✧ evolve past the same old cues & ruts of repetitive movement

✧ honor the vast cultural context of the yoga traditions

✧ stay up-to-date with the leading edge of bodymind science

​✧ repair (or avert) body breakdown & burnout

​✧ help shift outdated paradigms of embodied practice 

Then you're in the right place!

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Main Event Days 1+ 2 + 3 

We’ll gather LIVE to explore how we ALIGN to our body+mind, nervous system, yoga philosophy and Nature so that we can powerfully embody our authentic purpose.

Bonus Embodied Practice

We'll gather for a 60min yoga practice to embody the concepts we've explored together.

Sessions gather on Zoom

Recordings will be available.  Come live for Q&A (this portion won't be recorded) & for prizes!

Regular registration is $27.

ALIGN is the equivalent of a $200+ workshop, plus teachers can get 5 CEUs (YA or I-AYT) for attending the live event.

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✧ Day 1 ✧

ALIGN the Self

Unique BodyMind

✧ Day 2 ✧ 


Yoga & Emergence 

✧ Day 3 ✧


 Self-study & Interconnection

Each session will include lecture, learning, inquiry & investigation, movement, play, Q&A, and even PRIZES!
ALIGN is an integrative, whole person & uplifting event welcoming ALL.

✧ Bonus Practice ✧

Living Aligned

"I love your classes, and this exploration of asymmetry and spiraling helps me so much! Why is this so new and radical when it makes so much sense??"  ~Jenny Raine
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Evolutions in Embodied Practice
for Mental, Emotional & Physical Wellbeing

Virtual Event | See you in 2025!

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The way we move is how we move through life.
We are the only animal that can chose how to move. ~ Dylan Newcombe
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We will explore how to ALIGN

Ancient teachings + modern science

Bottom-up rather than top-down embodied practice

Bio-motional architecture shaping itself through movement

Variety & uniqueness within principles of Nature 

Optimal organic movement for injury resilience

Belonging & purpose

Self-study as deep self-care

Flow states & yoga as a state of being
Values of curiosity, play & creating 
options over perfection in embodied practice

Decolonization & agency from within, rather than supremacy from without

...through embodied practice, so that we can impact the greatest positive change in the world.

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Presented by Michelle Bouvier

Michelle has a lifetime of embodied practice, decades of training teachers & guiding yoga & interdisciplinary movement from a deep, ongoing fascination & study of cutting-edge science of our bodymind. Michelle is committed to sharing the latest evidence-based, cross-disciplinary understandings of the incredible power of embodied practice -as a tool of living yoga- to support our lives in a rapidly transforming world. She's on a mission to transform the way we understand alignment in all forms of embodied practice, particularly modern yoga. Michelle is the director of the Kutilaa School of Embodied Resilience & Living Yoga.

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Intelligence is present everywhere in our bodies . . . our own inner intelligence is far superior to any we can try to substitute from the outside. 
~ Deepak Chopra

Embodiment is our superpower.

Embodied practices have exploded in popularity in the past decades, and for good reason.

Mindful movement, breath and awareness to the present moment sensation and flow are how we're wired to balance the whole of what it means to be human.

Embodied practices lead us to ourselves, forging the pathways of connection between body-mind-heart-values-voice and living our purpose. Though not the only way, they may be the most accessible and effective, impacting every other element of our experience of life. 

Trouble is, far too many methods of embodied practice are not truly aligned... are yours? 

How do you know? 

Join ALIGN to investigate where we can learn, grow and improve alignment with our own body, mind, soul. 

Join ALIGN to explore how we can use embodied practices to better align with Nature, belonging to each other, and the changes the world needs right now.

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Much more of the brain is devoted to movement than to language.
Language is only a little thing sitting on top of this huge ocean of movement.
~ Oliver Sacks
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A note from Michelle...

After a complex and challenging journey through body breakdown...

I learned (the hard way!) how precious it is to reclaim embodied practice with deepened understanding of bodymind science, humble reverence to ancient teachings & renewed childlike wonder.

Embodied practices align us daily with our authentic self, infusing purpose, strength and awareness into our days.

Embodied practices connect us to our inner wisdom and vital energy. It's how we renew our grasp on our lives, our health, and our future.

Embodied practices and living yoga have saved me more times than you can imagine.

Movement is medicine for the body, mind & soul.

The potency of mindful embodied practice has the power to change the world.

If you’re here you get it. 

I can't wait to share a life-changing exploration of how we ALIGN through embodied practice at this event. 

We're all in this together.

See you there!

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Pessimism is a luxury for a less urgent time.
Now is a time for vigorous and positive action.
~ Amanda Ravenhill

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