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POD: A Second Thanksgiving

A second method to distinguish between these two Schlumbergera species is based on the color of the pollen bearing anthers. The anthers of the Thanksgiving cactus are yellow, whereas the anthers on the Christmas cactus are purplish-brown.

POD: A second Thanksgiving

"Good morning," said the Old Gentleman. "I am glad to perceive that the vicissitudes of another year have spared you to move in health about the beautiful world. For that blessing alone this day of thanksgiving is well proclaimed to each of us. If you will come with me, my man, I will provide you with a dinner that should make your physical being accord with the mental."

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Check schedules to avoid being ticketed and towed. Please only park on the street after the posted time on the street sweeping sign. Even though you may have seen the sweeper go by once, it may need to go by for a second pass. Also, the City's catch basin cleaning program is closely coordinate with monthly street sweeping in order to reduce additional parking disruptions, and that equipment may be scheduled during the same posted time period.

On Thanksgiving morning in 2020, I woke up with this idea of how to talk people through Thanksgiving. And I recorded it and put it up for people to listen to. It got a great response. I see this episode shared online quite often actually around days like Thanksgiving where there's going to be consistent food throughout the day, you know, grazing, not some kind of set meal times. People seem to love it. They share it with each other. But there are so many new people listening to the podcast and I thought anyone not on Facebook are lucky enough to see it on Facebook isn't going to know it exists. So today, I'm going to replay it for you. If you've already heard it as Episode 412, you're done. There's nothing for you to do, you can leave. But if you'd like to hear me talk it through sadolin while you're making the gravy, I will talk about how to Bolus on a hectic day like Thanksgiving. There aren't going to be any ads but I will list the advertisers before the program starts. Please feel free to use my links if you ever have the need, as it supports the show great like I'm going to say this here just quick even though I think it gets set again on the recording but nothing you hear on the Juicebox Podcast should be considered advice, medical or otherwise, always consult a physician before making any changes to your health care plan. The Juicebox Podcast has been sponsored for a long time by some great companies on the pod makers of the Omni pod five and on the pod dash Omni forward slash juice box by Dexcom. Makers of the Dexcom G six continuous glucose monitor. See if you're eligible for a free 10 day trial to Dexcom g Forward slash juice box use the most accurate and easy to use meter that I've ever held. The Contour Next One at contour next forward slash juice box. My daughter carries G vo glucagon and you can find out more about it at G vo forward slash juice box. One an insulin pen that does more. You're looking for the in pen from Medtronic diabetes in pen We get our diabetes supplies from us Med and you could as well. Us forward slash juicebox would you like to see an organization helping people with type one, all you have to do is go to touch by type and ag one by athletic greens is the drink I drink every morning. You could go to athletic forward slash juicebox get yourself some ag one. All right, let's find out what I sounded like two years ago. Hello, everyone, and welcome to episode 412 of the Juicebox Podcast. Think of today as a pep talk for Thanksgiving. Today we're just going to talk about how Arden is going to manage on Thanksgiving Day. Which if I'm being honest, really is about how we manage every other day. Just that people seem to get very nervous around these holiday situations. Can I understand why there's probably more grazing and snacking. There's also a lot of variables in what you're eating. We'll break it all down. Talk about how I'm going to attack it. See if you can find some good ideas in here for yourself. Please remember while you're listening that nothing you hear on the Juicebox Podcast should be considered advice, medical or otherwise, always consult a physician before making changes to your health care plan. Becoming bold with insulin or stuffing your turkey and that's not some weird euphemism actually think when you stuffed the turkey. You can like mess it up and cause a problem is it trick and Gnosis botulism? Botulism that sounds like something to do with a can. Alright, so before we get everything else, let's just figure out what undercooked poultry does to prolong cooking you're stuffing in the turkey they're calling that a mistake to avoid I can tell you personally, I used to put my stuffing in the turkey but it slows the cooking time way down and doesn't allow an even heat to go through the bird and I don't do it anymore. I prepare my stuffing and actually make it by hand I bake the bread tear it up days in advance let it become stale almost and then combine it with a whole bunch of different that's not the point I make my own stuff. Make the stuffing and I put it in a pan and bake it in the oven. Because I found when I put it the stuffing in the bird took too long to cook and I wasn't getting a cook through the way I wanted. So now I'm drying the outside of the turkey took took the internal portion what Hold on a second uncooked. I know we'll get through the rest of it. Just give me a second Turkey causes Wow. Raw and undercooked meat and poultry can make you sick. Most raw poultry contains Wow can't be low Baxter can't be low back there needs a better name. It also may contain salmonella, Clostridium perfringens and other bacteria. Raw meat may contain salmonella, E. E stands for EU in this situation. How long does it take to get? I'm falling down a rabbit hole here. How long does it take to get food poisoning from Turkey? 12 to 72 hours the symptoms usually lasts around four to seven days. Wow. Cook your turkey. You know poultry it has to be cooked to 165 degrees, right? Hold on Turkey. Done. 100%. Right. Yes, 165 degrees. A whole turkey is safe when cooked to a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit, as measured with a food thermometer. Check the internal temperature in the innermost part of the thigh and wing and the thickest part of the breast. All right. There's our little turkey tutorial. Whoo, I just found the name of the episode by mistake Turkey tutorial. That'll be fun. Alright, I'll do that. Let's talk about some other stuff. Everyone freaks out around holidays. Oh my god, we're gonna be snacking all day. There's food in the house. There's bowls of food on the cabinet. There's grazing, I hear you. Maybe this COVID Thanksgiving might not be exactly the same as most but still, it's here, right? You're gonna get up have a breakfast, there's going to be a big launch or a big dinner. grazing in between pie. I'm assuming cookies. gluttonous extravaganza. Here's how I think about a meal with insulin. First, I wonder how long does it take for the insulin to start working? How long till it effects the blood sugar? And how long will it last in the body? That's my first thing. How does the insulin work? And Arden first thing to consider? Second thing? What is art and eating carbs? How many? Yeah, that's easy, right? You count the carbs. Everybody's like, no, no, it's not easy, Scott. Because stuffing. And it's pretty easy. You don't I'm saying handful of stuffing ish is probably a piece of bread and a half something you got to you got to wing it a little bit. Just didn't mean weighing it because of the turkey. You got to just kind of like roll with it, you got to look and guess be kind of aggressive. But still, the most important thing here is Pre-Bolus thing, getting your insulin in and working so that it can time itself up with the impact of the food. So what we're talking about here is timing. So that the insulin kind of comes online, at the same time that the food comes online, meaning while the food is pulling up on your blood sugar, you want the insulin to be pulling down, you want them to get involved in a tug of war that no one wins. That's how you keep a stable line. You know, when you see people's lines are super stable on their graphs. But they have food in there. And they're like, Yeah, but you can't find the bagel, you won't be able to hold on work. I'm sorry, I've been sick. How do you not see the bagel on the line is because that as the food impact is trying to push the blood sugar up, the action of the insulin is trying to pull it down. And so it just creates this stability. No side is winning the fight. So you have to Pre-Bolus your food, you can't let the carbs get ahead of the insulin. And to understand Pre-Bolus thing better, you can check out episode 217 diabetes pro tip Pre-Bolus. Now the next thing to consider is the impact that the food or the drink you're having is going to have on the system.


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