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Good Manners (2017)

A whip-smart and devilishly unique take on the werewolf genre as a, uh, period piece, Ginger Snaps draws a straight line between the ungodly body horror of puberty, the monstrous feminine, and age-old Lupine legends. Featuring a slow-burning werewolf transformation brought to life with good-old-fashioned practical appliances, Ginger Snaps taps into the elemental pain at the heart of werewolf fiction by setting itself squarely in one of the most angsty arenas known to man. (Meg Shields)

Good Manners (2017)


These hadiths should serve as a strong reminder to each of us to treat each other well. Whether it be our parents, spouse, children, neighbors, or even strangers, we should treat each person with the best of manners.

Good character is one of the paths to Paradise in Islam. This does not mean that a person who has good character will entire Paradise is they ignore the obligations of Islam. Rather, someone who fulfills their obligations to Allah and treats people well is on the path to Paradise. 041b061a72


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