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Life is Strange - Episode 1: A Highly Compressed PC Game that Will Make You Feel, Think, and Wonder

life is strange: before the storm is an episodic action-adventure game set in the fictional town of arcadia bay, which is a fictionalized version of portland, maine. as players of this game, they will assume the role of sixteen-year-old chloe price and her pre-teen schoolmate, rachel amber. setting the game in the fictional town of arcadia bay, a town that is based on portland, maine.

Life is Strange - Episode 1 download for pc highly compressed

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the game begins with an in-game sequence showing five of your friends at a party. after the celebration you took a few beers and you're hanging out on the beach when a strange, mysterious force attracts your attention. suddenly, rachel disappears, and you realize that you were the last to see her. despite the recollection of the others is completely unreliable, you resolve to find what happened to her. as you start to look for clues and unravel the mystery, you discover that everyone has a connection to rachel and something happened to them as well.

to deal with the issue of time-travel, dontnod has used the chronovision, a portable device which translates emotions into tenses and conjugates. but, between the game begins and time-travelling, the designer has found a third option, thanks to which you can manipulate time and make a new action, thereby affecting the past. for example, one can solve some puzzles or improve the ending of a scene, but to change the past will be much more difficult. when this power is used, a variable occurs, which can destabilize the chain of events and change future events. the game offers a "travel-point" which allows a character to travel several times in the past. in the past, the player has the opportunity to visit three cities, seattle, vancouver and arcadia bay.


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