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Up next, Toowoomba-via-Brisbane quintet Suicide Swans bring a delectable slice of up-tempo country boogie to proceedings, the well-honed outfit seeming to get better with every appearance. They veer between the '70s Americana of yesteryear and a more contemporary strain like early The Felice Brothers, but on tracks like Great Divide, Jesse James and Jeremiah Joe they till their own fertile ground to great effect. It's cool how we have these genuinely great bands nestling in our midst who raise their heads occasionally to remind us how talented they are.


Within the beasts of gnarled steel lie now extinguished Pyre shards. Even further inside the rubble, you can make out some last protected treasures. Perhaps, if you were to relight the PYre shards using some of your own, the trains would reveal their value.

The tigers, lions, horses, crocodiles, pythons and a gorilla known as the "Man-Slayer" followed as the Walter L. Main circus train careened off the tracks down a 30-foot-high (10 meters) embankment, with gold-gilt, steel-barred wagons crashing one on top of the other in the legendary pileup at Tyrone, a small town in central Pennsylvania, on Memorial Day 1893.

Zitzler, who teaches at Penn State Altoona and wrote a book on the train crash, recently worked with a group of graduate students from Indiana University of Pennsylvania to probe a stretch of land near the accident site.

The train was traveling west down a slope of the Allegheny Front, approaching a bend that was notorious for crashes, Zitzler said. While 17-car coal trains could manage the steep mountainside with just one locomotive, many of the 17 cars on the Walter L. Main circus train were twice as long as the average coal car. The engineers wired ahead to request more braking power but were denied. As they guided the train down the slope, it quickly picked up speed and couldn't be stopped. The locomotive at the front made it around the curve, but the cars behind it flew off the tracks near a farm owned by a man named Hiram Friday. [The 7 Most Mysterious Archaeological Finds on Earth]

Remarkably, only five people were killed. The train essentially piled up to the level of the tracks, Zitzler said, and the last few cars, where most of the circus performers rode, didn't go off the rails.

The animals, mostly at the front of the train, bore the brunt of the suffering. Two "sacred cows" and at least 50 horses were killed. (The traveling circus was known for its horse acts, such as chariot races and juggling shows performed on the animals' backs.) The elephants survived, albeit with some injuries, and the sturdy beasts were even put to work in the accident cleanup. The Man-Slayer lived through the accident, too; Zitzler said there are photos of the unhappy gorilla tied to a tree after the accident.

O'Brien helped reinstate that tradition in 2009 with a ceremony at the crash site. When two elephants laid wreaths at the memorial, they cried out to each other, O'Brien said, and their trainer claimed they could sense they were on a burial ground.

To be effective, the head collar must be properly fitted. As with any training equipment, the head halter is not intended to be used in a jerking or yanking fashion but rather to gently steer your dog in the direction you need them to go. Some manufacturers include instructions and a DVD with the collar. Otherwise, ask your dog trainer or a knowledgeable sales clerk for assistance with fitting. Proper fit and use should minimize the risk of injury to your dog.

As the name implies, this collar is made of metal links and is designed to control your dog by tightening around your dog's neck, an often painful and inhumane training tool. Unlike the martingale collar, there is no way to control how much the choke chain tightens, so it's possible to choke or strangle your dog. It can also cause other problems, such as injuries to the trachea and esophagus, injuries to blood vessels in the eyes, neck sprains, nerve damage, fainting, transient paralysis and even death. It is very easy to misuse choke chains and with all the humane, effective collars on the market, choke chains are unnecessary and should not be used.

A New England black dog tale comes from southeastern Massachusetts in the area known, by some, as the Bridgewater Triangle. In the mid-1970s, the town of Abington was, reportedly, terrorized by a large, black dog that caused a panic. A local fireman saw it attacking horses. Local police unsuccessfully searched for it, at first they didn't see the black dog. But eventually, a police officer sighted the dog walking along train tracks and shot at it. Apparently, the bullets had no effect on the animal and it walked off, never to be seen again.[citation needed]

Hey Hannah! Congrats on starting your new job. If I were you, I would firstly adjust to life as a new nurse before buying a dog. As exciting as starting your new career will be, there will be challenges. You will want your home life to be a special, calm place where you can reset. Trying to train a dog and manage everything that comes with dog ownership may be a little stressful if you already have a heap on your plate. Only at a time when you feel comfortable on the work front would I seriously look into getting a dog. The help offered by your family is lovely but this could add to the stress of you feeling guilty? Just our thoughts. Good luck!

Call centers are more prevalent than you might think. They require little to no experience, which can make it easy to get your foot in the door, and most of them will train their employees from the...

There are a variety of pet training items and it's well worth investing time into pet training. With discipline-based training you can stop unwanted behavior, ensure they don't poop on your carpet, and more. However, you can also use items to train your pets to learn new skills.

If you need to make some extra cash then look no further than your pets. Dogs with a training level of three are able to dig at certain spots within the world to uncover a number of mysterious little gift boxes.

Although feathers can be obtained through ordering your cat to chase birds, little do most players know they can also be collected by finding them within bushes - although only once your pet reaches a training level of three. These collectibles - which are defined as feathers - can be framed and displayed on a wall or even used to assemble a bird sculpture should you happen to collect all twelve different feathers.

Suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick placed family pet dogs into a ring and his trained pit bulls "caused major injuries" to the pets at Bad Newz Kennels, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report released on Friday.

This open range system continued to be the law in some parts of Missouri until Jan. 1, 1969. At that time, the General Assembly declared the open range system to be at an end and made Missouri a closed range state. Under a closed range system, which is the current law, owners must fence in or restrain their animals on their own land. Failure to fence in or restrain animals can lead to owner liability for damages caused by wandering animals.

Another action you may take is to distrain the animals, but only in the case of a non-boundary fence (road or stream). Distrain is a legal term that means you can impound the animals and hold them until you are paid for the damages they caused. To have the legal right to impound the animals, you must possess the land or be an agent of the person in possession. The animals must be domestic and must be captured in the act of doing damage or under circumstances that show they had done damage recently.

A vicious propensity is a tendency of an animal to do any act that might endanger the person or property of another in a given situation. Knowledge of a vicious propensity and failure to restrain the animal properly in light of that knowledge renders the owner liable for the damages caused by such animal.

Early law also held that before a dog needed to be restrained, it was entitled to its first bite; that is, the dog actually had to injure someone before the owner was required to exercise caution in keeping it. The law of Missouri has since changed, and this first-bite rule is no longer the law.

Animals are divided into two classes: wild and domestic. As a general rule, you have no duty to restrain wild animals still in their natural environment. However, you must restrain or confine your domestic animals in such a manner as not to create an unreasonable risk of harm to others.

Under present Missouri law, there is no longer any open range; you must fence in your domestic animals. If they escape through your negligence, you are liable for the damages they inflict. If the animals of another invade your property, you may drive them off your property and back to theirs, if you do so in a reasonable manner. If they do damage, you may impound, or distrain, them and hold them until the owner pays for the damage.

If you own an animal that you know has a vicious propensity, or tendency to do harm, you are under a duty to kill it or restrain it in such a way that it cannot cause the harm threatened. Failure to do so makes you liable for resulting damages. Remember that vicious propensity is defined quite broadly by the law.

These psychiatric service dogs can also be used to detect full-blown hallucinations, such as those that seem to indicate there is someone with dangerous motives or threatening intentions nearby. In these cases, the training required of the dog is rather simple: The dog is taught to respond to a simple command, such as "Go say hello!" which is accompanied by the dog's owner pointing in a particular direction. If there is a person actually present, the dog is supposed to respond by going out in that direction and making an attempt to greet and interact with whoever is there. If there is no one physically present, then the dog is trained either to sit quietly while looking in the direction indicated, or sometimes to give a short bark to indicate that they sense nothing. If the dog responds in this negative way, indicating that there is nothing there, then the patient immediately knows that what they are dealing with is a sensory hallucination, and there is nothing to worry about. Knowing that there is no threat generally serves to relieve the person suffering from this kind of psychological problem. Gaining the insight that what the patient is experiencing does not really exist tends to ratchet down his or her stress level and allows the person to continue functioning. 041b061a72


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