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Samsonite PROXIS 126041 hard-shell Roxkin ultra-light suitcase 69cm, spinner 4 multidirectional wheels, 1 zipper with 3 digit TSA lock, telescopic double branch trolley. Inside: 1 compartment with tie-down straps, 1 compartment with zipped separator equipped with a large zipped pocket.


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Image 1Meet Christopher:Hello and welcome everyone.

Currently the QColor are stored as QVariant with a weird syntax. It just bites us on Mac OSX Sierra.. see #126041: Black score view with MacOS Sierra.It would be better to store them as string, they would be more easily editable with text editor and we would avoid any problem with QVariant reading...

i have encountered some built in bagus behaviour when automatic resizing is done (when .automatic_shrinking parameter set to true) during consecutive rhashtable_remove_fast calls which makes the remove call to fail with -ENOENT even though the key do exists in the hash table, in my opinion this happens because the resizing worker thread is not synchronized with remove call so when remove fails it looks on the "wrong" version of the table where the key do not exists (the iterator walk api do see the key when done entirely under the RCU read lock as the example code in part one of the article) , in your opinion is there any safe way to use rhashtable_remove_fast when .automatic_shrinking is true ? (Log in to post comments) Rhashtables: under the hood Posted Oct 18, 2018 8:48 UTC (Thu) by Raed (guest, #126041) [Link]

N1 - Funding Information:This work was supported by the U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (award number 1R01HL126041). All authors contributed to the conceptualization of the study. Eder, Finnegan, Luepker, and Duval led funding acquisition. Southwell led analysis. Russell, Graves, and Namboodri contributed to data collection.Publisher Copyright: 2020 Elsevier B.V. 041b061a72


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