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Sudalai Madan Villu Pattu Story Mp3 Download

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sudalai madan villu pattu story mp3 download

This video and mp3 song of "sudalai madasamy villu pattu narayana das villu pattu" was published by sst sivan studios tuticorin on 2009-12-28 19:01:21, with a media duration of 3:40:45 minutes and played 43271 times.

Villu Paatu (English: Bow Song, Tamil: வல்லப்பட்ட), also known as Villadichampaatu, is an ancient form of musical story-telling method performed in Southern India , where narration is interspersed with music, an art of southern states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, as well as North-East Sri Lanka.[1] This art form is popular among Nadar and Ezhava castes of erstwhile Travancore kingdom.[citation needed] Simple tunes and verses make the story easy to follow. The villu (bow), the age-old weapon of warriors - paradoxically lends itself to be used as a primary musical instrument (a musical bow) for the Villu Paatu artists.

In Tamil villages, performers narrate stories ranging from mythological to social. The main storyteller narrates the story striking the bow. The bow rests on a mud pot kept facing downwards. A co-performer beats the pot while singing. There is usually another co-singer who acts as active listener to the narration, uttering appropriate oral responses. The local government sometimes utilises this as a vehicle for social messages and propaganda. Villu pattu troupes usually perform for festivals associated with deities such as Sudalai Madan, Mutharamman, Pechiamman, Isakkiamman, etc. The Villu pattu tradition is associated with the culture of southern Tamil Nadu, southern Kerala and North-East Sri Lanka.


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