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Rhonda Byrne The Magic Audio Book Free Download

OVERVIEW : Six million people around the world have changed their lives with The Secret. Each is a testament of its power. In this book, Rhonda will teach you how to live The Secret with the most valuable people in your life: your friends, family and work colleagues. You'll learn how to reach out to these people in ways that they can feel deeply valued and understood. You'll also learn to bring the miracle of The Secret into every area of your life, no matter your age, background, or circumstances. Beyond the impact you'll make on those around you, Rhonda will also guide you through your own journey to living The Secret - and true happiness. With the same depth of research and detail, The Magic will show you how to heal your life.

rhonda byrne the magic audio book free download

The Magic reveals how all of us have a great power, which surrounds and permeates our lives. We all possess the ability to choose from moment to moment whether or not we live the story that is being written in our lives. This book shows how to live this story with integrity, to choose with your heart, and to manifest what you really want out of life.

Are you often nostalgic about your childhood, a period in which you thought life was exciting and magical As you grew older, did the magic disappear, leaving you with the new reality of problems and responsibilities What if someone told you that magic still exists after all Rhonda Byrne believes it does, and her book The Magic discovers how you can turn your life into magic again and get whatever you desire. So, get ready to experience the magic!

As a follow-up to her documentary film, Rhonda ByrneThe Secret, expanded her film into a full book titled The Secret. The Secret has been translated into more than fifty languages and remains one of the longest-running bestsellers of all time. In 2006, Rhondas motion picture was released. The Secret takes audiences on a journey of discovery while exploring the universal laws that govern your life. No one has ever explored the spiritual power that lies inside every one of us in the same way before. The Secret also includes personal stories of success, together with profiles on more than twenty experts in areas ranging from the latest on immunology, to the secrets of happiness, to ways to turn liabilities into assets, to breakthroughs in medicine, to the science behind the oldest science: how to transform your body and your life.


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