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The Suicide Squad (2021)

The Suicide Squad (2021) fixes a major flaw in the first film and has four returning characters. Margot Robbie returns as the iconic Harley Quinn. Viola Davis returns as Amanda Waller. Joel Kinnaman plays Rick Flag and Jai Courtney appears in the new film as Captain Boomerang. While Gunn's film is plenty of fun and mostly makes sense when fans suspend their disbelief, there are moments that could have been better explained or revised to make the story feel more cohesive.

The Suicide Squad (2021)

In the film, none of the characters call the lack of briefing or planning into question. Instead, they all agree to the mission without a second thought. When TDK is questioned by his squad, he replies awkwardly that he doesn't even know what his own name means. While a funny and surprising response, it doesn't make sense. It makes even less sense when a few scenes later, TDK tells us that he actually does know what his own name means: The Detachable Kid. Perhaps his memory was also detached when he was asked that initial question?

In Weasel's defense, it doesn't make sense that they're even on this mission as they don't seem to be able to communicate with anyone on the team. Clearly, this whole first squad was an intentional recipe for disaster, but still, it's strange that no one on the squad put two and two together that the mission was planned to fail.

Regardless, it's strange that Weasel jumps into the water knowing they can't swim. It's also strange that no one else on the squad knew that Weasel couldn't swim. Why was no one briefed on each other's skills, strengths and weaknesses beforehand? 041b061a72


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