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Bot Lavin Tithe Gudgulya Marathi Movie Download

Bot Lavin Tithe Gudgulya Marathi Movie

Bot Lavin Tithe Gudgulya (English: Plant a Tree and Get a Sweet Fruit) is a 1970 Marathi comedy film directed and produced by Dada Kondke. The film stars Usha Chavan, Dada Kondke, Padma Chavan, and Mukund Gokhale in the lead roles. The film was a huge hit at the box office and established Dada Kondke as a popular comedian in Marathi cinema.



The film revolves around Chotu, a young boy who is fascinated by a Tamasha dancer named Maina. His mother Laxmibai wants him to stay away from her as his father had spoiled his life behind a dancer. Maina's mother wants her to lure men and shell money on her which she considers a tradition followed by Tamasha dancers. But Maina is completely different and decides not to do so as she loves Chotu. The village is soon terrorized by kidnapping of school kids and tough women decide to fight against the kidnappers with the help of Chotu which makes Maina jealous.


  • Usha Chavan as Maina

  • Dada Kondke as Chotu

  • Padma Chavan

  • Mukund Gokhale as Asavle Guruji

  • Dinkar Inamdar

  • Mohan Kothnis as Gulab

  • Latkar as Gulab Mokasi

  • Ashok Pahelwan

  • Asha Patil as Gajre

  • Vilas Rakte as Ratnamala

  • Vasant Shinde


The music of the film was composed by Raamlaxman and the lyrics were written by Rajesh Majumdar and Dada Kondke. The film had six songs, sung by Mahendra Kapoor, Usha Mangeshkar, and chorus. The songs were:

  • Pikala Jambhul Todu Naka (Galala Mohar Zadali Palavi)

  • Aai Majhya Lagnachi

  • Shambharachi Note (Raya Maya Tujhi Mazyavar Nitya)

  • Tapasyet Dang (Om Namha Shivay)

  • Mala Ek Chanas Hava (Lapavu Naka Chapavu Naka)

  • Var Dhagala Lagali Kal (Jasa Jivat Jiv Ghutamal)


  • The film was based on a play of the same name written by Dada Kondke.

  • The film was the first of the nine films that Dada Kondke and Usha Chavan did together.

  • The film was remade in Hindi as Jai Santoshi Maa in 1975, starring Anita Guha, Bharat Bhushan, Ashish Kumar, and Kanan Kaushal.

  • The film was also remade in Kannada as Bottilu Saaru Bottilu in 1979, starring Lokesh, Manjula, Balakrishna, and Jayamala.


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