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Body Tuning Session

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Yoga + Bodywork + Personalized Movement Practice

Your Body Tuning session is designed specifically to enhance YOUR individual health, vitality, embodied ease, mental balance & quality of life.

Combining personalized yoga, therapeutic movement & mobility bodywork (Thai-style & gravity-assisted) will leave you feeling refreshed & reconnected. 

You'll be given a personalized plan for daily bodymind practice that's effective & realistic for your needs.

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Learn more about my background & philosophy HERE.

I look forward to working with you!

I've been a yoga & movement teacher, multidisciplinary body nerd & bodyworker for 20+ years. I help clients of all walks of life unlock greater vitality & freedom from pain, no matter where they start from.


Click the button to schedule your 1-on-1 Body Tuning Session at your convenience!


"I love Michelle. She's a master movement magician!"


" (our session) had a profound effect on me- I found my body & mind dropping into a deep processing mode and can honestly say it was an experience I haven't had in my years of training & teaching.  I'm so happy that from teachers like you, this work continues to move me and surprise me on new levels."


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