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Galileo Training

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Get to know Galileo Training

to build vitality, strength & freedom

Whether your focus is neuromuscular training, increased awareness and control, or increasing muscle mass, the Galileo will exponentially help you to reach and exceed your goals.

By activating muscle chains through mechanical stimulation of the stretch reflex, Galileo training enhances your physical connection, coordination & capability.

Waking up dormant areas through mechano-stimulation and effortlessly expanding your mind/body connection while building power and strength.



Galileo Training Essentials

There are three training ranges - each offering a different type of neuro-muscular stimulation:

Balance and Mobilization | 5 - 12 Hz

Flexibility and Function | 12 - 20Hz

Build Muscle Power | 20 - 40 Hz

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Galileo Core Concepts


Through the muscle stretch reflex, the Galileo technology is able to generate involuntary muscle contractions at specific frequencies ranging from 12-40 Hz for enhanced neuromuscular communication, flexibility and power training, as well as balance training at lower frequencies between 5-12 Hz. The initiation of muscle contraction through a mechanical disturbance of the muscle spindle (external stimulation such as Galileo) is called Mechano-stimulation. (To provide context, muscle contractions can also be initiated through an electrical impulse, which is referred to as electrical stimulation, or E-stim.)


The Galileo technology is unparalleled in its ability to provide M-stim in a wide range of specific frequencies that can be calibrated to deliver specific results. However, the plate itself is not a trainer. M-stim activates all muscle chains that are recruited for any posture assumed, whether good or bad. The efficacy of Galileo training depends on body awareness and positioning. Adding mind/body awareness and breathing to any method of training vastly increases its benefits, and with Galileo training that awareness is both enhanced and crucial.


M-stim is experienced as “ vibration” within the body, which contributes directly to internal awareness of core alignment. The human body has the bulk of nerve endings located close to the skin, allowing for the greatest sensory perception of the outside world. However, core muscles (located closer to the spine) still retain some sensory component and the ability to “track vibration” can be the gateway to awareness and control of the inner workings of the body’s movement and support system.


This internal awareness combined with the muscle building action of M-stim form the basis of Galileo training. Both strength and enhanced mind-body awareness are the direct result of training with Galileo technology. A variety of whole-body training positions can be performed pending goals through standing, sitting, arms, and lying in a variety of positions. Techniques can be static, movement and massage/fascia based. The Galileo syllabus is an index of body positions and movements made possible through various apparatus (and sometimes none at all) with an intrinsic value of connecting muscle chains, increasing range of motion and rapidly building new muscle memory around enhanced muscular performance generated by the Galileo plate.


The gains experienced during Galileo training are repeatable without M-stim over time, and results are cumulative. This points to retained muscle memory and tissue shifts that occur during Galileo training, especially under the direction of an experienced guide.


Extracted from the Galileo Fundamentals training manual, designed by Master Trainer Domini Anne.

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Breathwork + Mindful Movement + Galileo Training

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Your session is designed specifically to enhance YOUR individual health, vitality, embodied ease, mental balance & quality of life.

We will combine breathwork & mindful embodied awareness with Galileo Training that will leave you feeling refreshed & rejuvenated. 

We'll also create a basic plan for personalized daily practices that's effective & realistic for your needs.

Benefits of Galileo Training


Increased muscle power

  • Increase of muscle power and muscle force

  • Enhanced recruitment of muscle fibers

  • Muscle hypertrophy after immobilization

  • Osteoporosis prevention and therapy

  • Pelvic floor training – therapy for pelvic floor weakness

Improved muscle function

  • Improvement of flexibility and range of motion

  • Relief of muscle tension

  • Relief from back pain by training deep core support

  • Improved control

Improved whole-body coordination

  • Improvement of balance and coordination

  • Fall prevention

  • Increase stabilized range of motion

Improved physiological functioning

  • Increased blood circulation

  • Increased lymphatic circulation

  • Improved metabolism

  • All with minimum stress on the cardiovascular system

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Learn more about my background & philosophy HERE.

I look forward to working with you!

I help clients of all walks of life unlock greater vitality & freedom in their bodies & minds. 

As an interdisciplinary movement educator, yoga therapist, & bodyworker of 20+ years, I offer a truly unique integration of modalities & stay on the cutting edge of my own continuing education & research.


Click the button to schedule a call & we'll discuss your needs & get a session on the calendar.

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"I love Michelle. She's a master movement magician!"


" (Our session) had a profound effect on me- I found my body & mind dropping into a deep processing mode and can honestly say it was an experience I haven't had in my years of training & teaching.  I'm so happy that from teachers like you, this work continues to move me and surprise me on new levels."


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