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Continuing & Cutting-Edge Education
for Yoga & Movement Teachers 

Biotensegrity | Breath | The Brain + Body Connection
Living Yoga | Meditation | Living Ayurveda 
Somatic Practice | Spiral Anatomy | Injury Prevention | Sequencing | Flow

Learn why embodied practice may be our greatest tool for cultivating resilience inside & out.
Help people move better, feel better, live better inside & out, for as long as possible.
Lead the way forward to a new relationship with our human embodiment.

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Kutilaa School of Embodied Resilience

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Trainings for  yoga & movement lovers -& teachers- to transform & advance embodied practice through an understanding of our neuro-myo-fascial biotensegrity matrix.

It changes everything.


If you don't know what that means, it's because it's missing from most of the yoga & movement trainings out there. It's a map of understanding embodiment that honors our body's design from within & gets you in tune with your unique alignment - all while remaining true to the teachings of yoga (sometimes more true than modern postural yoga in fact!)

Just as ancient wisdom teaches, science now shows us that the bodymind is ONE.

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The Embodied Resilience Atelier

108HR | April-Dec 2023

 ERA is an 8-month training for teachers & dedicated practitioners to redefine alignment in yoga & understand how to use embodied practice & movement meditation to cultivate bodymind resilience for our changing world.

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*Free* Evolution of Yoga Alignment

In this 5-part mini-training, you'll get a taste of the wonder in merging ancient wisdom & modern science that's at the core of the Kutilaa School of Embodied Resilience.


Topics in EYA mini-training: Diversity within Unity ~ Articular Integrity ~ BodyMind=ONE ~ Curiosity + Play ~ Flow  

The Kutilaa School of Embodied Resilience is a platform for mentorship-style education for yoga & movement teachers who seek to teach embodiment that is functional, accessible, creative, sustainable & about more than just the physical.

All Kutilaa courses empower through cutting-edge education & out-of-the-box embodied practice aligned with the heart of yoga & the needs of modern life. Students learn adaptations for overall healthier movement, injury prevention & accessibility for all bodies - while cultivating resilience in the bodymind (physical, mental, emotional & nervous system).

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Also find me at Folk Yoga San Francisco 
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Advanced Anatomy: Preventing and Working with Common Injuries and Varying Body Types

15 Hour | Sept 9-10, 2023

Advanced Anatomy is part of the Yoga Garden SF's 300HR training curriculum. It's open to all - dedicated practitioners & teachers alike.

Teachers receive continuing education credit for YA or IAYT.

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Advanced Subtle Body

30 Hour | Oct 21-22 + Nov 11-12, 2023

Advanced Subtle Body is part of the Yoga Garden SF's 300HR training curriculum. It's open to all - dedicated practitioners & teachers alike.

Teachers receive continuing education credit for YA or IAYT.


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Immersion & Extended formats, multiple dates

An entry-level alignment & vinyasa based training that will give you a practical education on yoga postures, teaching skills, basic anatomy, philosophy in a wonderful & welcoming community.

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Embodied Anatomy: Fascia & Biotensegrity

15 Hour | 2024 dates TBA

Explore the role of fascia through its many structures and functions, and its interconnection to other biological systems. Learn about biotensegrity, the elegance of the spiraling, wrapping layers of fascia that create our physical form, & how it transforms paradigms of alignment. 

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"I love the way you're thinking, cross-pollinating disciplines, and constantly experimenting. Your practices have always felt like playful, supple, buffet-style, resonant goodness."  ~ Emma D.
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It’s what you learn after you know everything that matters most. ~ Einstein

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