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Evolution of Embodied Practice

Unleash the Power of Embodiment for
Mental, Emotional & Physical Wellbeing

For movement practitioners & guides of all styles
to enhance the benefits of movement as a
medicine for our changing world.

Free 5-Day Virtual Training
Replay Access through February 24

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So glad you've joined us!
Below is everything you need to tune in to the virtual training.
Start by watching the welcome video.
I can't wait to connect with you!

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✧ DAY 1: Feb 15 ✧   Embodiment is Everything: BodyMind is ONE

✧ DAY 2: Feb 16 ✧   State of Flow: Yoga & Freedom

✧ DAY 3: Feb 17 ✧   Made to Move: Variety is the Medicine

✧ DAY 4: Feb 18 ✧   Life is Emergent Play: Mindful Curiosity & "What If?"

✧ DAY 5: Feb 19 ✧   Self Study=Self Care: Decolonization & Regeneration

Each day will include lecture, learning, inquiry & investigation, movement, play, Q&A, and even PRIZES!
The Evolution of Embodied Practice is an integrative, whole person, body-centered & uplifting event welcoming ALL.
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We are live Wednesday-Sunday at 10am PT for about an hour. Here’s a timezone calculator if you need one.
Do your best to come live to play for daily prizes!

Replays will be posted as soon as possible after each session - you'll get a recap email recap each day when recordings are ready!

If you'd like to go deeper in this learning, or if you have any questions, reach out anytime!

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Huberman Lab Podcast - for science-based tools of daily lifestyle for vitality, balance & resilience
Joanne Avison Podcast - for a poetic & scientific exploration of cutting-edge fascia science & spirit
*Episode 76 with Michelle Van Straaten of Many Moons Yoga - member of the Embodied Resilience Atelier is especially wonderful
Flow Genome Project - research on flow states in a variety of contexts
Heart Math Institute - research on heart-brain & group coherence
Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman - ancestral movement patterns vs modern day movement diet

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I'm so glad you're here...

After a complex and challenging journey through body breakdown...

I learned (the hard way!) how precious it is to reclaim embodied practice with deepened understanding of bodymind science, humble reverence to ancient techniques & renewed childlike wonder.

Movement is medicine for the body, mind & soul.

I truly believe that the potency of embodied practice has the power to change the world.

I can't wait to share some of the ways we're learning to make it even better. 

We're all in this together.


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Pessimism is a luxury for a less urgent time.
Now is a time for vigorous and positive action.
~ Amanda Ravenhill

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