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Evolutions in Embodied Practice
for Mental, Emotional & Physical Wellbeing

February 21-24, 2024

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So glad you've joined us!
Below is everything you need to tune in to ALIGN
I can't wait to connect with you!

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✧ Feb 21 | 11a-1230p PT  ✧   ALIGN the Self: Unique BodyMind

✧ Feb 22 | 11a-1230p PT ✧   ALIGN with Flow: Yoga & Emergence

✧ Feb 23 | 11a-1230p PT ✧   ALIGN Awareness: Self-Stufy & Interconnection

✧ Bonus Practice: Feb 24  | 9-10a PT  ✧   Living Aligned with special guest, Lily Russo

Each session includes lecture, learning, inquiry & investigation, movement, play, Q&A, and even PRIZES!
ALIGN is an integrative, whole person, body-centered & uplifting event welcoming ALL.
All sessions are listed in Pacific Time. here's a
timezone converter for you.
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I'm so glad you're here...

After a complex and challenging journey through body breakdown...

I learned (the hard way!) how precious it is to reclaim embodied practice with deepened understanding of bodymind science, humble reverence to ancient teachings & renewed childlike wonder.

Movement is medicine for the body, mind & soul & Yoga a path of living wisdom in our lives.

I truly believe that the potency of embodied practice has the power to change the world, through our own alignment with our hearts, our values and Nature as interconnection and flow.

I'm honored and excited to share this journey with you!

We're all in this together.


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Pessimism is a luxury for a less urgent time.
Now is a time for vigorous and positive action.
~ Amanda Ravenhill

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