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Embodied Resilience

Atelier 2023

A training for teachers & practitioners of yoga & movement meditation who seek to maximize benefit of embodied practice by redefining alignment based on biotensegrity & our spiraling design, while staying true to the teachings of yoga.

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Make a difference by aligning with Nature
-from the inside out-
for safety, accessibility & longevity of practice.

Refresh your practice with wonder, inspiration, fluidity & creativity.
Empower students’ agency & innate embodied wisdom.
Maximize benefits, minimize harm, evolve embodied practice.

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The Embodied Resilience Atelier brings a needed paradigm-shift to modern approaches to embodied practice.

 This training bridges perspectives of biotensegrity & joint integrity with modern evidence-based understandings of the mechanisms of bodymind connection,  applied to embodied practice of various styles - with a particular focus on modern postural yoga.


You'll learn how & why to move, teach, sequence & cue in ways that you weren't taught in other trainings ~ ways that honor the body's spiraling, interconnected design... and align with the root teachings of yoga. You'll learn how to better support personal & collective health, vitality, adaptability & resilience. 

The world needs this right now. The world needs evolutionary embodiment teachers to help build resilience, one person at a time.
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Embodiment is a powerful tool of being human. 

It's how we're wired to digest life experience, self-regulate & self-resource.

Unfortunately, many, (if not most) forms of  modern, mindful, embodied practice are taught with outdated maps of alignment that neglect our body's design. 

We tend to get ourselves stuck in common ideas of linear alignment - easier for our mind, but limiting (& sometimes harmful) for our living, breathing spiral design.

The solution is simple ~ to align with our body's design. To understand & prioritize biotensegrity & the spiraling, interconnected nature of our joints, tissues & movement. 

This shift to aligning from the inside->out (rather than with an imaginary outer grid) cultivates healthier movement patterning, injury prevention, greater accessibility for all bodies, more adaptability in the body+mind (physical, mental, emotional & nervous system) & increased resilience on all levels.

The Embodied Resilience Atelier is one-of-a-kind. 

Most modern movement & yoga trainings teach the same standard approach to alignment.


The Embodied Resilience Atelier will teach you how to adapt embodied practices (with an emphasis on modern postural yoga) to teach optimal, balanced & functional movement while cultivating greater body+mind+nervous system resilience. 

In this training, you'll learn to embody integrity within your biotensegrity - aligned from within our design. You'll investigate movement at each of the main motion centers: hips & pelvis, shoulder girdle, spine & head, hands & feet. You'll explore & embody adaptations needed to align from within & free your body+mind from rigid, linear paradigms of moving, thinking & being. 

The Embodied Resilience Atelier bridges modern scientific understanding & ancient yogic teachings that have been woven into many forms of modern mindful movement. You'll learn how yoga is a path of life, and embodied practice a powerful tool for all.


Patterns of Modern Life

Do we get the movement nutrition needed for strength, vitality, adaptability & resilience?

How can embodied practice best balance patterns of modern life?

Resilience & Anti-Fragility

Adaptability physically, mentally, emotionally. How we handle stress & how we can grow stronger from it. Inside-out self-care for demands of today's world.

Living Yoga as Integration

Yoga as a Living Tradition of Connection: with self, others, the world, Life itself & something greater. Living in flow with Nature & the flow of life.

The problem with standard grid alignment:
we're part of the spiral nature of the universe

The Embodied Resilience Atelier is an invitation to teach yoga & movement meditation that cultivates adaptability, longevity & resilience in our bodymind - by aligning from within, with our body's design. 

Maximize benefit + Minimize harm
Ancient yogic wisdom + Modern scientific understanding
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Join the Embodied Resilience Atelier 2023

Learn how to adapt embodied yoga practice to maximize benefit & minimize harm, while cultivating bodymind resilience one person at a time. Doors open for 2024 in February.

This course is for you if:

  • You've experienced the power of mindful embodied practice & are looking to refresh awe, wonder & creativity in your practice

  • You want a sustainable embodied practice & to move well in all the ways you choose in your life

  • You've ever felt stuck in a rut with embodied practice- doing the same old thing

  • You've ever felt stuck in a pose, with few options to get out of the pose

  • You've ever felt that you pushed your body into over-stretching or overdoing

  • You've experienced joint pain or muscle tightness that doesn't seem to go away

  • You want to know why & how embodied practices work to get strategic & personalize

  • You're a yoga or movement teacher who wants to stand out & make a bigger difference, by applying new paradigms of bodymind understanding to teach movement that cultivates healthy & resilient patterns for real life

  • You're a yoga teacher aware of growing rates of injury in yoga and want to teach safely for all, while honoring the roots of yoga

  • You want to help build a more resilient world, one person at a time


What you get:

  • *All virtual training* accessible anywhere

  • Opening Resilience Retreat: (8hrs)

  • 8 Saturday Trainings: education + embodied exploration (4hrs each)

  • 23 Sadhana Sessions: embodied practice flow + discussion (2hrs each)

  • Extensive educational materials - digital training manual

  • Private WhatsApp group for ongoing reflection, sharing & collaboration

  • 3 - 60minute 1-on-1 sessions with Michelle 

  • Access to all recorded Atelier 2023 sessions until December 31, 2024

  • Access to all Kutilaa Collections until December 31. 2024

  • BONUS: Access to the Embodied Resilience Training (30hrs) forever ($1300 value)


You'll have forever:

  • A new way of understanding & teaching movement as meditation aligned with our body's design, modern body+mind+nervous system science & timeless yogic teachings

  • Mini-sequences that combine movement + mindfulness + breath + relaxation + functional movement coordinations + embodied balance for modern day movement diets

  • A deeper understanding of the mechanisms of body+mind oneness, including: yoga nidra, restorative movement & somatics, polyvagal theory, science of breath & more.

  • Evolving language & ways to cue to the inherent individuality of prioritizing moving within biotensegrity & a living, breathing soma.

  • Greater purpose & potency to make a positive difference in your students & clients

Dates & Logistics:

  • Immersive Retreat: April 22-23

  • Training Saturdays:  5/13; 6/17; 7/22; 8/19; 9/30; 10/28; 11/25; 12/16 *9-11am PT, times subject to change when needed*

  • Sadhana Sessions: 3 Wednesdays/month 9-11am PT (specific dates provided upon request)

  • This is a fully virtual training on Zoom. Everything will be recorded if you can't make it live. 


  • $3300 pay-in-full

  • Scholarships, pay-it-forward, creative payment plans & alternative exchanges are always possible. 

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Embodied Resilience Atelier 2023

Training for Embodiment Guides & Dedicated Practitioners

Share ancient wisdom + modern scientific understanding

Evolve embodied practice with spiral alignment + biotensegrity

Teach accessible + safe + creative classes for body+mind+nervous system

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 *Dates & times subject to change. All times listed in Pacific Time*

Opening Resilience Retreat

BodyMind Meshwork - Biotensegrity - Resilience - Yoga Roots, Rivers Evolution

Retreat: April 21-23 | Friday 10a-12p | Saturday 9a-1p | Sunday 9a-12p

Sadhana Sessions: Wednesdays 10a-12p | 4/26; 5/3

Pelvis & Hip Joint Articular Integrity

Saturday Training 9a-1p | 5/13

Sadhana Sessions Wed 10a-12p | 5/17; 5/31; 6/7

Shoulder Girdle Articular Integrity

Saturday Training 9a-1p | 6/17

Sadhana Sessions Wed 10a-12p | 6/28; 7/12; 7/19

Triaxial Spinal Integrity

Saturday Training 9a-1p | 7/22

Sadhana Sessions Wed 10a-12p | 7/26; 8/2; 8/9

Connecting it all to Hands & Feet

Saturday Training 9a-1p | 8/19

Sadhana Sessions Wed 10a-12p | 8/23; 9/13; 9/20

Somatic Restoration & Floor Play

Saturday Training 9a-1p | 9/30

Sadhana Sessions Wed 10a-12p | 10/4; 10/11; 10/18

Breath: Anatomy, Chemistry, Biotensegrity

Saturday Training 9a-1p | 10/28

Sadhana Sessions Wed 10a-12p | 11/1; 11/8; 11/15

Subtle Body & Yoga Nidra

Saturday Training 9a-1p | 11/18

Sadhana Sessions Wed 10a-12p | 11/29; 12/6; 12/13

Integration & Innovation

Saturday Closing Gathering | 12/16


Why is embodied practice important?

We are primarily living bodies, animals still... tracking the world around us for signs of safety or danger. Through our senses, perceptions, thoughts and experiences we make meaning of the world. Embodied presence has the power to ground us amidst chaos, to help us tune into our needs, our intuition, and our ability to return to a sense of center when life gets rocky. Modern science is also showing that embodied practices can train greater empathy, compassion, trust and wonder.  


Why not keep practicing alignment as usual?

Unfortunately, we're seeing an uptick in related injuries. These are often aches & pains or injuries outside of embodied practice that occur as a result of the patterns set up by devoted, repetitive, linear-focused physical practice. This training aims to alleviate avoidable suffering & help shift embodied practice to center on biotensegrity & the individual, somatic experience.

For the yoga practitioners: Is it still yoga if we adapt asanas?

Yoga is a state of being/seeing/living. Yoga refers to all the practices that touch this state of connection with more of ourselves, life and with something greater. Yoga itself has evolved and changed over time. In fact, the origins of physical yoga practices were in spontaneous, fluid movement in the Tantrik daily ritual. Yoga is a Living Tradition, meant to serve life as it is. All instructors in the Kutilaa school are steeped in the roots and rivers of yoga with deep respect for the healing power in our own lives.

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Meet Your Instructor

Michelle Nayeli Bouvier

Michelle Bouvier, B.S., E-RYT, C-IAYT is an interdisciplinary movement educator, Prana Vinyasa® yoga teacher trainer, certified yoga therapist & GYROTONIC® trainer devoted to the art and science of embodied practice as a resource for personal & collective resilience & (r)evolution. Loved for her inviting spirit, passion for continued learning & meticulous instruction, Michelle guides students to reconnect with & self-resource their bodymind & expand the root purpose of yoga to serve our lives from the inside-out. Michelle specializes in the merging of ancient teachings with modern science to re-pattern the bodymind towards integration & balance.

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Pessimism is a luxury for a less urgent time.
Now is a time for vigorous and positive action.
~ Amanda Ravenhill

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