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Midlife Movement Medicine

Move with ease & joy
Reconnect with your body
Cultivate vitality, aliveness & energy
Transform stress & build bodymind resilience

Evolutionary Embodied Practices
On-Demand Recordings of June 2023 Sessions

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June 2023 Summer Series

✧ Session 1  ✧ Low Back Love + Fluid Hips

✧ Session 2 ✧ Supple Shoulders + Neck Reset

✧ Session 3 ✧ Whole Body Practice: Deep Restoration

✧ Session 4 ✧ Whole Body Practice: Focus + Energy + Balance

Each 75-minute session includes mindful movement, breath techniques, adaptations for accessibility & playful inquiry. 
Midlife Movement Medicine is an integrative, whole person, body+mind+nervous system series, welcoming ALL.
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We're made to move.


Movement is not only key for physical health, vitality & longevity, but also for our mental & emotional well-being. Movement literally keeps us moving as we age. Plus, movement is also how we're wired to process life 


Are you ready to unlock greater energy, balance, fluidity & freedom in your body+mind, heart & life? 

Welcome to Midlife Movement Medicine, a 4-week series of fun & engaging embodied practice sessions that will help you unwind both physical & mental tensions & enjoy being in your body like never before. 

Say goodbye to pain & stiffness, and hello to the energy, vitality & aliveness you deserve.


This series is designed specifically for bodies that are (s)aging & changing, yet is optimal movement nutrition for modern bodies at ANY age. This series will help you reconnect with your body & move forward in life with elegance, strength & grace no matter where you begin. 


Through practices that merge ancient teachings with modern science, you'll learn enjoyable ways to sustain freedom of movement & transform stress. You'll also learn how to entrain optimal, holistic movement patterns that support adaptability, fluidity & resilience in your body, mind & nervous system.

Midlife Movement Medicine is based on the latest science of biotensegrity, neuroplasticity & aligning with Nature through spiraling, fluid movement that feels sooooo good! These practices are rooted in yogic philosophy & teachings, aligned with the origins of embodied yoga in the Tantrik period as fluid & spontaneous movement.

Join us for this fun & transformative journey to unlock your movement freedom & nourish your body, mind & soul!

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Presented by Michelle Bouvier

Michelle has a lifetime of embodied practice, decades of training teachers & guiding yoga & interdisciplinary movement from a deep, ongoing fascination & study of cutting-edge science of our bodymind. Michelle is committed to sharing the latest evidence-based, cross-disciplinary understandings of the incredible power of embodied practice -as a tool of living yoga- to support our lives in a rapidly transforming world.

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This series is for

Anyone who wants to move well for life

Learn practices for injury prevention & longevity of movement freedom ✧

✧ Learn to align with Nature though spiral anatomy & somatic wisdom ✧

✧ Balance the movement patterns of modern life (tech, chairs, stasis!) ✧

✧ Nurture mental & emotional balance through embodiment ✧

✧ Learn movement & breath to increase energy & focus 

✧ Learn movement & breath to restore your nervous system ✧

✧ Improve your physical, mental & emotional resilience ✧

✧ Renew your love of movement & enjoy being in your body for years to come ✧

Especially for Midlife Women, open to all

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Choose Your Pricing

I'm committed to building resilience in all ways, including by offering registration fee options. These options offer you a chance to consider your resources, look more closely at the various dimensions of privilege, and help move the needle towards economic justice, together. 

Consider choosing the ABUNDANT tier & paying it forward if you:

Work part-time by choice

• Own the home that you are living in

• Have investments or retirement accounts

• Can access family money in times of need

• Have high earning potential (even if you’re not exercising that earning power now).

Consider choosing the BUDGET tier & paying less if you:

• Receive some form of public assistance

• Have medical expenses not covered by insurance

• Hold significant amounts of student debt

• Support children, parents, or other dependents

• Serve as an unpaid community organizer

Please consider these factors without getting caught up in them. Making an honest assessment of your finances when you engage with pay-what-you-can pricing practices helps grow strong, sustainable economic ecosystems.

Choose Your Price
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A note from Michelle...

I'm so excited to offer this summer series to help you cultivate more energy, focus, vitality & creativity through specific practices that are tailored to bodies that are (s)aging and changing - which, truly is every one of us ;-)

Movement is medicine for the body, mind & soul. 

Movement keeps us juicy & full of life!

Plus, embodied practices are more essential than ever, in our highly technological & rapidly changing world.

I hope you'll join me for the first-ever Midlife Movement Medicine Series!

We're all in this together.

See you there!

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