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Maximize Benefit + Minimize Harm
Ancient Teachings + Modern Science
Movement Meditation as Medicine for Life
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Save your spot in this one-of-a-kind *FREE* virtual yoga retreat

✧ Unlock your deepest body wisdom

✧ Disrupt linear paradigms of body+mind

✧ Liberate embodied practice for more vitality & freedom

✧ Discover more ease & belonging in your body+mind+heart

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FREE - 10 Tips to Inspire & Deepen Your Practice
Ignite creativity + liberate your movement + become more resilient inside & out
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Cultivate strength, fluidity, integrity & freedom - for yourself & your students.
Ignite your curiosity, creativity & stand out as a teacher.
Make the most impact. Minimize harm.
Honor Nature's intelligence & body's spiraling design.

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Humans are made to move.
Movement variety is medicine for modern life.
Mindful embodied practice is powerful meditation.

Embodiment is vital on a path of wholeness, inner peace & positive impact.

Learn what, why & how movement, meditation & breath affect the bodymind through the lens of modern science.

The world is changing faster than we've ever seen.

Embodied practice is one of the best ways to build resilience, inside & out.

Modern science has caught up with the ancient teachings:

The bodymind is ONE.

We honor the roots of yoga as a living tradition & offer evolutionary understanding of balanced, accessible, functional & personalized embodied practice.

Welcome to our shared journey toward collective resilience.

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Are you ready to liberate your practice with modern understanding of the living, spiraling architecture of the body+mind+heart ~ integrated with ancient wisdom?

Are you ready for your embodied practice to truly align -inside & out- with your unique needs? 

Do you want to tune-in more deeply with your true self - to show up fully for your unique, precious life? 

Welcome... you’re in the right place.

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"You're the best yoga teacher I've had (I'm not alone in that statement) & I've learned so much from you!"  ~ Amy Y.
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I'm so glad you're here...


Hi! I'm Michelle Nayeli Bouvier, B.S., E-RYT, I-AYT, movement educator, GYROTONIC® Trainer, Prana Vinyasa® Teacher Trainer, and founder of the Kutilaa School of Embodied Resilience.

Yoga & movement have been my safe haven of sanity & support for all of my life.  I’ve been blessed to share as a teacher for over 20 years

My mission is to share the wonder of merging a yogic approach to embodied practice with modern science of biotensegrity & spiral alignment. There are no straight lines in nature, nor in healthy, balanced movement.

I’ve been blessed with a variety of master teachers on whose shoulders I stand, as well as a rare education in the origins of embodied practice in the Tantrik period of the yoga tradition.

Here you'll find wisdom to empower your uniqueness- through inquiry, education & accessible embodied practice to support self-resourcing through the mechanisms of our living bodymind.

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