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The Yoga Reconnection

Living Yoga & Ayurveda
for Revitalization & Resilience
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Experience more joy, vitality, ease & freedom
in your mind, body & life mindful lifestyle of living yoga, Ayurveda & Shakta Tantra.

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The Yoga Reconnection will create dramatic & sustainable transformation that touches all areas of your life

Dive deep into the essence of Living Yoga, from root histories to modern evolutions.

Explore practical applications for the challenges of today's world.

Embody timeless yogic teachings through connecting to mind, body, spirit & Nature.

Apply the wisdom of Ayurveda for greater vitality, clarity & calm.

Learn about the roots of modern yoga in the philosophy and practice of Shakta Tantra. 


Master the art of nervous system regulation through a variety of practices.

Learn how to better support personal & collective health, vitality, adaptability & resilience. 

The Yoga Reconnection is a life training & journey of self discovery.

It's likely you’ll never be the same.

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Timeless wisdom for our modern world.


So much of our individual, collective & global suffering is due to division & separation... of the mind/body, us/them, human/nature, and more.

Yoga as a philosophy is not a religion, but a way of living with an aim of greater & greater connection, ultimately toward an awakened state of unity. Though we may not achieve that ultimate goal, cultivating greater connection at any level is extraordinary medicine for the challenges of our modern world.

Our nervous systems are often overstimulated by more information & input than we're designed to handle. Life pressures seem to barely let up, burnout is all too familiar, and anxiety is on the rise. Modern life is asking more of us all the time, in a world changing faster than ever before in human history, especially in technology/AI and climate/environmental unknowns. 

How do we create a different path through life?

A way of being that nurtures balance, grounded freedom, and resilience?

Living Yoga as reconnection, supported by intertwined wisdom of Ayurveda & Shakta Tantra, is one of the most potent & holistic ways to walk this path. We're in it together!


Living yoga reconnects us to many facets of life: 

🌹to all the layers of yourself, body + mind + heart + soul🌹

🌹to our breath & life force intelligence🌹

🌹to others, to the collective human family🌹

🌹to nature, to life in all it's divine diversity🌹

🌹to the collective, to the world🌹

🌹to something greater than it all🌹

When we feel more connected, it's easier to get out of our head, with a more expansive awareness to shift our perspective towards acceptance and out of stress. We become more attuned to ourselves in authentic wholeness, more able to live from mindfulness & compassion towards ourselves & the world.

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Join The Yoga Reconnection

Experience renewed vitality, greater peace of mind, wellbeing & balance.

Create lasting change by integrating teachings into your daily life a little at a time.

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This path is for you if you want to:

  • Improve your energy & vitality

  • Optimize your sleep & rest fully

  • Sharpen your focus & mental clarity

  • Improve concentration, memory & creativity

  • Deepen self-awareness, self-love, purpose & fulfillment

  • Live with more presence, flow & sense of belonging

  • Worry less & play more!

  • Experience greater agency, empowerment & adaptability

  • Align with Nature through balanced lifestyle rhythms

  • Transform stress & anxiety to feel more relaxed, peaceful & content in daily life

  • Release the grip of the 'monkey mind' and find more comfort in uncertainty

  • Deepen your relationship to & practice of yoga beyond asana

  • Honor & respect cultural & historical influences in yoga as a way of life

  • ​Establish dedicated practice & rituals of self-care that fit into the pace of your life

For Teachers:

  • Deepen your own knowledge & practice of Ayurveda & Yoga as a way of life

  • Explore the philosophy & practices of Shakta Tantra, as the origins of embodied yoga practices & the Chakra system

  • Adapt your teaching to best meet the challenges of today's world

  • Gain understanding & reverence for cultural context & historical influences, alongside current evidence-based benefits for the stresses of modern life.

  • Earn continuing education credits (80hrs, YA or I-AYT)

  • Begin your 300hr certification through the Kutilaa School with this training (Contact for more information on full 300hr certification)

What you get:

  • All virtual training accessible anywhere

  • Immersive Retreat-like Trainings on Weekends

  • Extensive educational materials - digital training manuals

  • Private WhatsApp group for ongoing reflection, sharing & collaboration

  • Option to add 1-on-1 sessions with Michelle at reduced rate

  • Learn from experienced teachers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge

  • Access to all recorded sessions forever!

  • Transformation inside & out.

Logistics & Investment:

  • Immersive Retreats: ​

    • Elements of Ayurveda, Subtle Body & Tantrik Mantra Practice | Jan 20-21 | online

    • ​Agni: Ayurveda, Digesting Experience & Tantrik Philosophy | Feb 10-11 | online​

    • ​Nervous System Wisdom of Ayurveda + Tantra + Modern Science | March 23-24 | online

    • Subtle Body 30hr Immersion | March 27-29 | Folk SF *In-person*

    • ​Building Inner & Outer Resilience | April 20-21 | online

    • ​Heart & History of Namaskar | April 27 | Folk SF *In-person* + online option

  • Investment: $300/weekend online training, in-person investment varies

  • Scholarships, pay-it-forward, payment plans & work-trades are available

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The Yoga Reconnection is one-of-a-kind. 

This immersion will help you integrate living yoga in your own unique way, to fit your own unique life.

You'll explore an expansive combination of philosophy, practice & lifestyle wisdom that's rare to find in other trainings. Accessible from anywhere, this lifestyle immersion is about integrating these teachings little by little into the flow of your daily life, so they become part of your world for good. 

Experience the powerful benefits of practices like:

  • meditation (+ways to fall in love with different teachings & types of meditation)

  • mindfulness in daily life

  • somatic embodiment (asana, vinyasa, karana & more) *this isn't an embodiment-focused training*

  • breathwork & pranayama (as spiritual practice & applied as nervous system regulation)

  • circadian science & dinacharya (daily rituals & rhythms)

  • nutrition (ahara- nourishment as food, also as information through our mind & senses)

  • self-care & rasayana (practices to maintain vibrancy & longevity in body & mind)

  • sleep science & yoga nidra

  • seasonal alignment & ritucharya (seasonal rituals & rhythms)


Transform your life in this holistic approach, with deep respect for the foundational philosophies of Yoga, Ayurveda & Shakta Tantra, woven together as one fabric of living yoga. Together, they support your ability to stay centered within, able to return to balance again & again. These ancient teachings are optimally suited for our time, plus, they are increasingly verified by modern applications & research.


The Yoga Reconnection bridges modern scientific understanding & ancient wisdom into practical & effective ways to support a balanced lifestyle & embodied resilience.

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Join The Yoga Reconnection

Experience yoga as a way of life that changes everything.

Embrace the journey together with welcoming & supportive community.

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Living in Balance Retreat

Introduction to Living Yoga, Ayruveda & Shakta Tantra

Roots, Rivers & Living Traditions

Historical & cultural context, influences & evolution of yoga as both philosophy & practice, from the Vedas to modern times, including many often overlooked phases of history, influences of colonization and more

Living Ayurveda

Basics of Ayurveda to help personalize practices of body, mind, senses, daily rhythms of self-care, nourishment & rest; aligning with Nature, honoring seasonal shifts, and more

Bring Philosophy to Life

Understand core yoga philosophy as well as teachings of Shakta Tantra to empower agency within honoring connection, especially for modern life's challenges & intensifying change

Subtle Body & Nervous System

Ancient & modern views of our many layers of being, including a look at mental health, emotional balance, nervous system regulation, co-regulation & resilience, as well as larger spiritual meaning

Meet Your Primary Instructor

Michelle Nayeli Bouvier

Michelle has dedicated her life's work to reclaiming the path of yoga as a way of life & liberating embodied yoga practice for human diversity & movement longevity. Her decades of training teachers & living the wisdom of yoga, Ayurveda & Shākta Tantra come from a deep reverence for root teachings & ongoing fascination with cutting-edge science of our bodymind. Michelle is committed to sharing the teachings & practices that have changed so many lives because of her belief that these living streams of wisdom are some of the most effective ways we can support balance & resilience in our rapidly transforming world. 

Learn more about Michelle HERE.

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Throughout the training we will welcome special guest presenters, including

Kavita Patel, Meera Dhawan, Anjali Deva & more TBA.

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What do you mean by Living Yoga?

Yoga is not merely a practice; it's a way of life. It's living from a place of interconnected belonging.

It’s about aligning your whole being with natural rhythms of contrary complements & unlocking doors to a more fulfilling existence. There are many ways to 'practice' yoga, to fit the diversity of humans, needs, time, place, age, etc. This retreat offers a taste of some of the most accessible practices that use meditation, breath, mindfulness & lifestyle, rooted in philosophies that are extraordinarily relevant for our modern lives.

What is Living Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, the integral sister science to yoga, teaches us to live in harmony with Nature, the elements we are made of & the intelligence of life itself. Ayurveda guides how we choose which practices, foods, rhythms of rest & activity, self-care & creative expression are most suited for our unique constitution & life circumstances, as well as how to adapt when circumstances inevitably change. If you've heard of Ayurvedic practices taking a ton of time or feel they've been hard to integrate into your daily life, the practices you'll learn in this retreat are ones you can do in just a few min a day that will help you find your way back to yourself. You'll learn how to integrate these practices into the life you're already living.

What is Shākta Tantra?

The philosophy of Shākta Tantra emphasizes a deep and direct connection with the universe, the importance of the feminine divine, as the power of flow & change, in all aspects of life. Shakta Tantrik philosophy is particularly beneficial for modern times because it emphasizes a holistic approach, recognizing the interconnectedness of all things, which leads to a more balanced & fulfilling life.

Is this for people who already practice yoga?

This lifestyle immersion is for anyone who is curious about a deeper & more meaningful relationship to life, to their life, and to the world. No yoga experience is required, yet it is also a path to learn so much more than you'll find in most other yoga workshops & trainings. It is especially for those curious about the deeper aspects of yoga beyond modern postural asana.

Is this a yoga teacher training?

If you're a teacher, The Yoga Reconnection can count as 80hours of continuing education credits for Yoga Alliance or the International Association of Yoga Therapy. For those with a 200hr certification, this training can be taken as part of the Kutilaa School of Embodied Resilience's 300hr advanced yoga teaching certification. Please contact for more details on the 300hr certification.

How do I find out more & sign up?

Please book a call to learn more, get all your questions answered, and to sign up. Registration is ongoing!

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Pessimism is a luxury for a less urgent time.
Now is a time for vigorous and positive action.
~ Amanda Ravenhill

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