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Fall into Balance

Revitalize Your Body & Mind
Realize your potential for greater vitality, movement freedom, & life balance

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Unlock a new level of personal wellbeing
through a unique combination of modalities
offered by a master teacher with decades of experience
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Do you ever find yourself:

✔️ looking for relief from chronic pain, stiffness or discomfort?

✔️ dragging through the day, energy sapped by stress or fatigue that you can't shake off?

✔️ feeling like you're unable to live life to your fullest?

✔️ wanting to create healthier habits, but not sure where to start?

You're not alone.

Modern life can often take a toll on our physical & mental vitality & well-being.

From sedentary routines & lack of needed movement variety, to the effects of stress on our bodies, our sleep, our digestion, and mental health, to the often conflicting & confusing advice on what makes a healthy diet, it's easy to find ourselves trapped in a cycle of not feeling our best.

But imagine a different reality – one where you wake up each day feeling invigorated from a rejuvenating, restful sleep, move your body with joy & freedom, know the best ways to nourish & care for yourself, and experience a sense of calm focus that permeates your daily life.


True well-being encompasses more than just individual elements – when we address our body, mind & lifestyle together, the transformation is much deeper & long-lasting.

The unique combination of Aerial Somatics & Thai Yoga Bodywork, Personalized Yoga & Movement Practice Design, and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counseling together create a holistic reset of bodymind vitality & balance unlike any other!

Fall into Balance includes monthly:

✧ Unwinding BodyMind Therapies: Aerial Somatics + Thai Yoga Massage (90min)

✧ Customized Yoga, Movement Meditation: Best return on time practices for YOU (75min)

✧ Ayurvedic Health Counseling: Cultivate body-mind-soul balance (60min)

✧ Ongoing Coaching: Direct WhatsApp access for questions (response within 24hrs)

Give yourself the gift of this opportunity to...

✔️ unwind & release not only physical stiffness but also mental & emotional tension

✔️ learn how to self-resource your nervous system & effectively transform stress in your daily life

✔️ improve your sleep

✔️ improve your digestion

✔️ improve your focus & concentration

✔️ personalize your self-care in ways that fit into the pace of modern life

✔️ enjoy greater aliveness, energy & playfulness in your daily life

✔️ discover a new sense of freedom, fluidity & joy being in your body

✔️ embrace a lifestyle that nourishes your body & mind for a lifetime!

Say goodbye to pain & stiffness, and hello to the energy, vitality & aliveness you deserve.

It's time to take the first step on your journey to vitality, freedom, and self-care.

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Hi, I'm Michelle Bouvier

I'm dedicated to sharing integrative embodied tools of vitality & resilience from my deep, ongoing fascination with & study of cutting-edge science of our bodymind. Bridging yoga, mindfulness & breathwork with the latest in movement research & nervous system science, my approach to bodymind therapies & personalizing embodied practice is incredibly unique, nuanced, & effective.


I've been guiding yoga & movement practices for 25yrs, offering innovative bodywork for 15yrs, training teachers for 12yrs, & studying & practicing Ayurveda for 10yrs. 


Learn more about my path HERE.

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This is for you if you're looking for...

  1. Pain Relief: Clients would expect relief from chronic pain, tension, and discomfort, leading to improved physical comfort and a sense of freedom in their bodies.

  2. Increased Vitality: Individuals would desire a boost in energy levels, feeling more energetic and vibrant throughout their daily activities.

  3. Healthy Eating Patterns: Clients would hope to develop healthier eating habits, leading to improved digestion, better nutrient intake, and potential weight management.

  4. Enhanced Body Movement: People would look forward to moving more freely, having greater flexibility, and improved range of motion.

  5. Stress Reduction: A reduction in stress and anxiety levels, leading to better mental clarity, improved sleep quality, and overall emotional well-being.

  6. Holistic Self-Care: Clients would expect to learn and implement holistic self-care practices that encompass physical movement, relaxation techniques, and improved sleep hygiene.

  7. Overall Well-being: A sense of well-being and balance in various aspects of life, including physical health, mental clarity, and emotional stability.

  8. Long-Term Habits: Developing sustainable habits that extend beyond the three-month package, leading to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.


Image by Samuel Austin

The details

well-rounded holistic combination of modalities

each once per month, minimum 3 months to be able to build new patterns of being

3 & 6 month packages $2500 $4800


Movement + Breath + Meditation

Movement is not only key for physical health, vitality & longevity, but also for our mental & emotional well-being. you'll learn why, what movement is best for your bodymind type & individual goals, and to be able to live fully, move freely in your daily activities

Movement literally keeps us moving as we age & is how we're wired to process life experiences. We need movement variety to address the patterns of our sedentary modern world. What few will tell you is this - there's no one way for everyone. Our needs are individual, and always changing. 

Through practices that merge ancient teachings with modern science, you'll learn enjoyable ways to create strength, mobility, coordination & transform stress that are tailored specifically to YOU.

Breath is the bridge between the body & mind. It's our primary & always available tool for inner balance, as we have conscious agency over breathing & it impacts our entire physiology & nervous system. Regular breathwork (pranayama) practice helps improve our self-regulation overall, plus can be a tremendous resource in the heat of the moment. You'll learn breathing practices that address your specific needs.

Meditation has been a foundation of balance & wellbeing for centuries, with many cultural traditions to choose from. Modern science has shown the power of meditation to: lower stress hormones, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, boost our immune response, decrease both anxiety & depression, support emotional balance, and improve attention span, concentration & memory. Whether you have an established practice or don't know where to start, you'll gain greater understanding of a menu of options to suit your busy life & ever-changing needs.

Aerial Somatics & Thai Yoga Bodywork

NSys unwind restore replenish

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counseling

NSys unwind restore replenish

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A note from Michelle...

I'm so excited to offer this summer series to help you cultivate more energy, focus, vitality & creativity through specific practices that are tailored to bodies that are (s)aging and changing - which, truly is every one of us ;-)

Movement is medicine for the body, mind & soul. 

Movement keeps us juicy & full of life!

Plus, embodied practices are more essential than ever, in our highly technological & rapidly changing world.

I hope you'll join me for the first-ever Midlife Movement Medicine Series!

We're all in this together.

See you there!

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