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Lode Runner On-Line - The Mad Monks' Revenge CD __FULL__ Download

It is unfortunate that Sierra decided to name the game Lode Runner On-Line, as this has probably led many people to believe that this is an on-line-only game (similar to Ultima On-Line for example). This is not true; in fact it has every feature that Legend Returns has, and many more. In addition to multiplayer modes, there are more devious levels and more varied background graphics and tile sets that make the level editor much more robust and fun to design new levels with. Overall, if you enjoy Legend Returns, you'll love Lode Runner On-Line at least twice as much. And best of all, Todd Daggert, the lead programmer of this gem, put it up for free download on his Lode Runner Online page in 2002.

Lode Runner On-Line - The Mad Monks' Revenge CD Download


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