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Living in Balance

Virtual Yoga Retreat

nourish & renew your body & soul

Join Michelle & special guest teachers
*access replays through October*

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find greater vitality, joy & freedom
integrating Living Yoga, Ayurveda & Shākta Tantra
into your modern, daily life
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Living in Balance Virtual Yoga Retreat a 2-day, online experience of living yoga philosophy in practice ~ through personal rituals, meditations, working with the breath, heart & bodymind, integrating Ayurvedic lifestyle wisdom & heart teachings of Shākta tantra to bring Yoga alive in your daily life.

✧ Session 1 ✧  Yoga as Alignment with Nature

✧ Session 2 ✧  Yoga as Flowing with Life

✧ Session 3 ✧  Yoga as Balanced Lifestyle

✧ Session 4 ✧  Yoga as Connection with All

✧ Session 5 ✧  Yoga as Practice of Reverence

$54 | Live + Lifetime Access to Recordings

Sessions include meditation, breathwork, philosophy, reflection, & deep nourishment for bodymind+heart+soul.
Living in Balance Virtual Retreat is an integrative, whole person, i
nclusive & uplifting event.


open to all | 8 CEUs for teachers

no one turned away for lack of funds

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The Living in Balance virtual retreat will help you understand how to return to balance, again & again.

By joining us for this retreat, you will:


🌹 gain tools you can access in any moment to help transform stress

🌹 learn how to work with your breath to empower self-regulation & mind-body balance

🌹 learn how meditation can fit into the flow your life & find ease starting & sustaining a regular practice

🌹 learn where modern science validates ancient practices & which are most relevant to our fast-paced lives

❤️ learn the most effective yogic practice for deep restoration of your nervous system

❤️ cultivate greater inner peace & contentment in your bodymind & soul

❤️ find more ease when faced with the unknown & always changing nature of life 

❤️ feel at home in yourself - source both steadiness & inspiration from within, no matter what

🔻 honor the rich history & cultural context of yoga as a living tradition within the complexity of modern life

🔻 understand yoga as a psychological transformation through a diverse menu of practices

🔻 learn how living yoga aligns with Nature by creating balanced rhythms of mindful nourishment, activity & rest.

🔻 liberate modern embodied yoga practices to honor history, cultural context, diversity & movement sustainability

Refresh & reconnect to your authentic self.

Receive timeless teachings that cultivate resilience for life. 


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Presented by Michelle Bouvier

Michelle has dedicated her life's work to reclaiming the path of yoga as a way of life & liberating embodied yoga practice for human diversity & movement longevity. Her decades of training teachers & living the wisdom of yoga, Ayurveda & Shākta Tantra come from a deep reverence for root teachings & ongoing fascination with cutting-edge science of our bodymind. Michelle is committed to sharing the teachings & practices that have changed so many lives because of her belief that these living streams of wisdom are some of the most effective ways we can support balance & resilience in our rapidly transforming world. 

Learn more about Michelle HERE.

Special Guest Presenters

Kavita Patel is a mother of two, a Yoga Teacher and a poet. She has been practicing yoga since childhood, growing up practicing Bhakti Yoga with daily puja and chanting. As a teen, Kavita was drawn to traditional Gujarati folk dance, garba, where she connected movement to spiritual liberation for the first time. She began practicing yoga asana formally in college, and is currently certified as a 500 hour E-RYT (Experienced- Registered Yoga Teacher), a RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher) and a Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher. Kavita has been teaching children, teens and adults for 12 years. Her yoga classes play with finding both structure and freedom in movement. Compassion, laughter and lightness of heart guide her instruction.

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Meera Dhawan, the owner of True To Yoga, is a yoga educator and therapist-in-training who aims to integrate Eastern and Western practices for mental and spiritual clarity. She draws from early inspiration observing her grandma using Yoga and Ayurveda as a way of life. Meera believes in a personalized approach to Yoga, working with clients 1:1 to empower them to bring Yoga into their day-to-day based on their unique goals. Her works pulls from the Eight Limbs of Yoga, Ayurveda and the wisdom of Sankhya Philosophy. Meera has specialized training in Pranayama, Trauma-Informed Yoga and is pursuing a degree as a therapist (MFT) to blend modalities that empower others to inner peace.

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In our ever-changing world, balance isn't just a goal, it's our sanctuary.

We all face moments when life's currents try to knock us off our center.

But the question is, how swiftly and gracefully can we find our equilibrium again?

Life is always in motion with its intricate dance of contrasts. Its beauty lies in the coexistence of highs and lows, of joy and challenges. Life is the movement itself. While we might not have control over life's ups & downs, we can choose how we ride the waves.


Bringing yoga to life guides us to cultivate a deep, heart-centered awareness that is unshakeable, no matter the tides of life. If & when we get knocked off center, living yoga gives us an array of practices that help us know how to return to balance with ease & grace.  Rather than an end-point, the inner sanctuary of balance is our ability to be agile, to adapt & pivot with inevitable change, while remaining deeply connected to our inner ease & authentic self.

The growing embrace of Yoga in the West isn't just a trend. It's a testament to how valuable the teachings are for our fast-paced lives in a rapidly changing world. Yoga is so much more than physical practice (though powerful!) & even the physical practice is so much more than modern postural asana (embodied yoga includes far more than common postures!).

Living Yoga is about living in deep belonging within, interconnection to all of life & our ability to flow with the inevitable ride. The manner in which we navigate life's waves defines our journey. It's our responses that shape our legacy – both within us and in the world.

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Living in Balance
Virtual Yoga Retreat October 14-16
Sat 9-11am+12-2pm; Sun 9-11am+12-2pm; Mon 4-6pm *Pacific Time*


$54 | Lifetime Access to Recordings

open to all | 8 CEUs for teachers

no one turned away for lack of funds

What you learn can change your life, like it has for so many.

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Registration Step 1:

After you submit your name & email, your registration is not complete until you complete Step 2: registration payment on the next page. 

Then, check your email!
You'll get instant access to the course platform, with logistical information, a bonus practice & materials in preparation for the retreat.

Registration Form
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A note from Michelle...

It took me years (decades!) to realize... that yoga had saved my life.


Before I fully appreciated the diversity, richness & timeless depth of yoga philosophy, it had saved my life through finding mental health balance as a teenager under extreme pressures.

Deeper yoga philosophies came alive in my life over time, as Nature does, unfolding in its own pace, almost where you don't notice until, suddenly, everything had changed. Shakta Tantra became an integral part of my practices in 2011, I've been studying Ayurveda for over a decade, & I've been teaching yoga philosophies in teacher trainings for just as long.

It's time to liberate our understanding about what yoga is in the modern day.

Embodied practice is but one tool on the menu of ways we practice yoga as a way of being (& it's evolving too!).

It's time to liberate its deeper teachings, of how to view life & live from interconnection, to transform & heal.

There are untold benefits of yoga, mindfulness & living in alignment with nature, when we honor our diversity & the historical & cultural context from which these wisdom teachings flow.

Imagine bringing yoga alive in your life, your sense of balance rippling out to others.

Living the wisdom of yoga has power to change the world, one person at a time.

I hope you'll join me for the Living in Balance virtual yoga retreat.

We're in this together.

See you there!


What is Living Yoga?


Yoga is not merely a practice; it's a way of life. It's living from a place of interconnected belonging.

It’s about aligning your whole being with natural rhythms of contrary complements & unlocking doors to a more fulfilling existence. There are many ways to 'practice' yoga, to fit the diversity of humans, needs, time, place, age, etc. This retreat offers a taste of some of the most accessible practices that use meditation, breath, mindfulness & lifestyle, rooted in philosophies that are extraordinarily relevant for our modern lives.

What is Living Ayurveda?


Ayurveda, the integral sister science to yoga, teaches us to live in harmony with Nature, the elements we are made of & the intelligence of life itself. Ayurveda guides how we choose which practices, foods, rhythms of rest & activity, self-care & creative expression are most suited for our unique constitution & life circumstances, as well as how to adapt when circumstances inevitably change. If you've heard of Ayurvedic practices taking a ton of time or feel they've been hard to integrate into your daily life, the practices you'll learn in this retreat are ones you can do in just a few min a day that will help you find your way back to yourself. You'll learn how to integrate these practices into the life you're already living.

What is Shākta Tantra?


The philosophy of Shākta Tantra emphasizes a deep and direct connection with the universe, the importance of the feminine divine, as the power of flow & change, in all aspects of life. Shakta Tantrik philosophy is particularly beneficial for modern times because it emphasizes a holistic approach, recognizing the interconnectedness of all things, which leads to a more balanced & fulfilling life.



Living Yoga, Ayurveda & Shākta Tantra:

Combined, these teachings provide practical tools & practices, proven by both ancient wisdom and modern science, to transform stress into peace, instability into emotional balance, and confusion into mental clarity.

Imagine yoga coming alive in your life - connecting you to your authentic self & purpose while building mental & emotional resilience. You'll experience vitality, presence, grace, and joy as never before.

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